How to launch PHP - OpsWorks in MegamVertice

May 11, 2016 Written by Vinothini Platform Developement Engineer


AWS OpsWorks PHP is a simple demo app that can help you get started using your favourite PHP language.

This tutorial will guide you in launching a php web application (OpsWorks) in MegamVertice.

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  • You are running Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux workstation.

  • Git installed on your workstation, which you can do by following the How To Install Git with Apt.

  • You have an account on GitHub, which is a Git repository host.

  • You have to create a valid credential for accessing How to create an account with MegamVertice

  • You have to install openssh-server for ssh access.

      sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  • Check SSH working properly

      ps aux | grep sshd

This initial section contains everything you need to get OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App and running on your server.

Step-1 Fork OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App

  • Fork Open OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App from

  • You will be see the fork option in the top right corner of the git hub the fork option.

  • The OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App repository is forked into your git repository.

Step-2 Launch the app

  • Go to MegamVertice Dashboard

  • Click Marketplace on the top bar.Marketplace contains all the linux distros, applications, services and microservices which megamvertice supports.

  • Click PHP Icon.A window will pop up for your repository selection.

  • Pick a repository by choosing your git repository.

    Let us use Github: < mygithub >/php_simpleapp.git

  • You can create new sshkey or use an existing sshkey or upload your own sshkeys too.

  • To launch PHP App.Click Create.

  • Voila ! Your App is up to date.

  • Now that you have launched your app, you might want to launch a service (database) and bind it

Buildpack for php

We use a PHP build pack using our super cool chef-repo.

The buildpack for PHP

#Php builder
filename=$(basename "$remote_repo")
cd $megam_home
rm -r $project
git clone $remote_repo
rm -r $local_repo/*
mv ./$project/* $local_repo
cd $project
if [  -f "./$project/start" ]; then
chmod 755 ./$project/start
service apache2 restart

Step-3 Open Your Web browser

You can access your web page using http://IP_ADDRESS/current



These are the very simple steps to launch a php web app (OpsWorks PHP Simple Demo App) using github repository.

Deploy PHP app now

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