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Jun 27, 2016 Written by Rajesh Platform Operations Engineer


You want to backup your data in cloud and access it on need. Cloudberry backup desktop client can be used to backups files and folders on your Windows machine to our cloud storage - Atharva MegamVertice.

Introducing Atharva Storage - MegamVertice

Atharva Storage - MegamVertice is a “Cloud object storage, low latency and (S3 - AWS Signature v2) compatible API built on top of ceph - jewel.”.

Upon successful signin to, look for the icon at the top right hand corner named Storage

This tutorial will guide you in setting up a Cloudberry backup tool for windows client on your windows 7+/10 workstation and connecting it to manage your atharva storage account in MegamVertice. wordpres button


Connecting Cloudberry Backup Desktop client with Atharva (Ceph object storage) MegamVertice

This initial section contains everything you need to setup cloudberry backup tool for windows native client on your server.

Step-1 Download Cloudberry Backup Desktop client for windows
  • Go to this link. Cloudberry backup.

  • Click Download button to start your download.

  • Right-click the download file and install it in your windows system.

Step-2 Create the storage setting with MegamVertice
  • Once you successfully install CloudBerry, start up the application to display theWelcome screen.

  • click theSetup Backup Plan button in the middle of the page

  • CloudBerry has many options for backup targets. In this tutorial we’re focusing on Amazon’s s3 compatible cloud storage offerings.

  • On the S3 Compatible Storage tab specify Servie point as

  • Enter the other details.

    Display Name : Type a name for the account
      Access key
      Secret key
  • You can see your Access-key and Secret-key from your profile page in MegamVertice.

  • Click the “Advance Settings” and uncheck Use SSL link. Now you can see your bucket in Bucket name box. choose one of the bucket you want to backup.

  • Next you’ll want to select your backup mode as Simple.

  • On the next page you’ll want to select your Backup Source. Select your folder to connect with MegamVertice storage

  • Once you see that your Backup Plan is successfully created, press “Finish” leaving the “Run backup now” box checked, to test your newly configured backup.

  • From the Welcome screen you’ll be able to see that your backup is currently running, and some live summary information about the backup job.

Upload a file from cloudberry backup tool to MegamVertice
  • Copy the one or multiple files to upload/copy an upload folder if you want to upload a whole folder.

  • Paste into Backup source folder. The upload process will begin.

  • Let us verify if the files is uploaded

Logon goto storage place. You can see your bucket, and the uploaded files are displayed.


These are the very simple steps to create a sync tool for an upload files using Windows native client using cloudberry backup to Atharva - MegamVertice.

This is a good head-start for using Cloudberry & our Athava ceph based object storage in MegamVertice.

Start uploading to our storage - MegamVertice

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